We develop what we build. Our styles are initial.
We construct what we design. Our craftsmanship is impeccable.
The Art

Our furnishings is valued for its:

contribution to location and culture
expression of line, form, contour, contour, and surface area
comprehensibility of aspects
feel to the hand.

The Craft

We use “handmade” furniture to identify ours from that made in factories for mass distribution. As a term, “handmade” has resonance however lacks rigor.

In a short article, Specifying the Field, Edward Cooke, Jr. explains “workshop” furnishings. It fits, and with aspects, I price estimate:

Workshop furnishings is specified by the scale of its production, the background of its manufacturers (as well as their individual, original strategy to style, products, and method), the handiwork spent in the furnishings, and also by the means it is marketed. Studio furniture is not dispersed via regular retail electrical outlets. Pieces are sold with art and also craft galleries or programs, appointed by patrons, or acquired from the manufacturer.